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Human Tissue Therapy


Human Tissue Therapy by Russell Health

Human Tissue Therapy products utilize human tissue allografts derived from  living, healthy donors. Tissue allografts contain naturally rich growth factors to help signal  the body’s healing components to assist the body with repair, reconstruction and  supplementation of the recipient’s tissues. These tissues allografts are acellular, and they  do not contain living, viable cells.  

Human Tissue Therapy products utilize human tissue allografts (TAs) derived from living,  healthy donors. Once recovered, the TA is filtered through a low-protein binding filter and  terminally sterilized with gamma irradiation to ensure recipient safety. A tissue allograft is an  acellular product and does not contain living, viable cells. The scientific literature describes  tissue allografts as a unique source of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial proteins. It contains  known anti-inflammatory factors such as IL-1 inhibitors α & β and TIMPs. Additionally, tissue  allografts are known to contain important growth factors.

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Tissue Allograft characteristics as described in scientific literature: 

Regulation of Inflammation 

Tissue allografts are thought to regulate inflammation in the body and to help reconstruct  new, healthy tissue.  

Growth Factors 

Growth factors are naturally occurring in tissue allografts. Growth factors are responsible  for the recruitment of the body’s healing components to promote the tissue repair and  reconstruction process.  


Tissue allografts are naturally occurring; they do not contain steroids or other  pharmaceuticals. Because of the nature of the human tissue the potential for long-term  negative health implications is limited.  


Tissue allografts are thought to express immune-privileged antigens, which may reduce the  risk of graft intolerance. We believe there is very little risk of foreign body reaction.  

Are Tissue Allografts covered by insurance? 

Yes, tissue allografts may be covered by insurances. Consult your physician to see if you are  covered.  

The treatments described on this marketing are not considered to be standard of care for any condition  or disease. Human Tissue Therapy products attempt to utilize acellular, minimally manipulated tissue  allografts and are comprised of tissue allograft components intended for homologous use to supplement  tissue. Tissue allografts are classified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as Human Cell,  Tissue and Cellular and Tissue-Based Products (HCT/P) that are regulated solely under section 361 of  the Public Health Service (PHS) Act. FDA recognizes that human tissue was designed, or evolved, to  perform certain functions in the human body with exquisite safety and effectiveness. As an HCT/P  regulated solely under the Section 361 of the PHS Act, tissue allografts are exempt from FDA pre market review, clearance, and approval from FDA. Please consult your doctor to see if a tissue allograft  is right for you. No medical advice has been offered herein. These statements have not been evaluated  by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary.This human tissue should not be used for the treatment of COVID-19.


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